Fees for purchase of A- and A1- category of participation (Table 1)

The initial charge is a respective percentage of the paid amount in accordance with the table below:

 PKO Umbrella - soifPKO Investment Portfolios - soif
Accumulated value of investment* in the Funds and the invested amount (in PLN; applies to A, A1 units)PKO Treasury Bond Plus – soifPKO Target Retirement - soifPKO Treasury Bond subfundPKO Long-Term Bond subfund; PKO Bond Plus   subfund; PKO USD Bond subfundPKO Stable Growth subfundPKO Balanced subfund; PKO New Europe Equity subfund; PKO Small and Mid-cap Equity subfund; PKO Strategic Allocation subfund; PKO Equity Plus subfund; PKO Global Natural Resources subfund; PKO Global Technology and Innovation subfund; PKO Global Luxury Goods subfund; PKO Global Infrastructure and Construction subfund; PKO Global Equity Dividend subfund; PKO European Equity subfund; PKO Global Medicine and Demography subfund; PKO U.S. Equity subfund; PKO Gold Market Equity subfund; PKO Japanese Equity subfund; PKO Asia Pacific Equity subfund; PKO Emerging Markets Equity subfundPKO Amber subfund; PKO Sapphirine subfundPKO Ruby subfundPKO Emerald subfund; PKO Diamond subfund
less than 10.0000.00%1.99%0.45%1.49%3.25%4.49%2.50%3.90%4.50%
from 10.000 to 50.0000.00%1.75%0.40%1.39%2.75%3.99%2.30%3.40%4.50%
from 50.000 to 100.0000.00%1.49%0.35%1.35%2.59%3.49%2.15%3.20%4.00%
from 100.000 to 500.0000.00%1.25%0.25%1.19%1.49%1.99%1.19%1.99%2.50%
from 500.000 to 1.000.0000.00%0.99%0.19%0.75%0.99%0.99%0.75%0.99%1.50%
1.000.000 and more0.00%0.49%0.09%0.49%0.49%0.49%0.19%0.49%1.00%

*Total value of units held in all PKO Funds in all of the User’s registers, calculated in PLN on the basis of the prices of units as of the date prior to the date of order execution

Fees for purchase of C- and C1-category participation units of PKO Investment Portfolios – soif (Table 2)
Fees for repurchase of C- and C1-category participation units of PKO Investment Portfolios – soif (Table 3)
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