PKO TFI – Asset Management

The aim of the service is to manage the funds entrusted to us by individual and institutional Clients in such a manner that the value of the invested capital increases as much as possible.
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Who is the offer addressed to?

The Asset Management Service is addressed to individual and institutional Clients having at their disposal free funds in the amount of at least PLN 1 million for standard portfolios and at least PLN 5 million for individual portfolios. This is a service for Clients searching for individual fund management solutions.

How do we manage the funds entrusted to us by our Clients?

Experts of PKO TFI allocate funds in selected financial instruments in accordance with the strategy agreed upon with the Client. Within the framework of the service the Client grants experts of PKO TFI a power of attorney in the scope of investing the Client’s funds. Investment decisions are taken on the basis of individual expectations of the Client in regards risk, aim and terms of investments.

The best people work for us

The asset management team consists of outstanding experts, who have acquired experience and had numerous successes in the largest financial centred in the world. Thanks to our current management team, in 2010 PKO TFI recorded the best results in its 14-year history.

The Asset Management Service encompasses:

  • daily review of investment decisions,
  • continuous comprehensive market and company analyses,
  • on-going foreign exchange rate and market trend analysis,
  • consideration of legal and tax aspects of investments.

Individual strategy selection

PKO TFI adapts the investment strategy to the individual needs of its Clients depending on the acceptable risk and planned term of investments. Our Clients may choose from the following investment strategies: