Internet Information Service provided by PKO Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych S.A., hereinafter referred to as “Towarzystwo”, namely, hereinafter referred to as “Internet information service” uses cookies for statistical and marketing purposes. This includes profiling and increasing the security level as regards the discussed service.


According to Towarzystwo, protecting the privacy of users of the Internet information service is extremely significant. One can find information concerning the collected data as well as the rules as regards processing and applying the aforementioned data. The use and collection of information concerning Internet Information Service users is limited to the necessary minimum required to provide services representing the highest level. This part presents information devoted to the tools used by Towarzystwo in order to ensure the best possible use of the Internet Information Service (cookies, system logs) and data collected by advertising agencies and other entities responsible for website analytics. The company protects users' data. For that reason, the user's browser informs what data and where the data are collected prior to launching the Internet information service.

We process data for the following reasons:

  • to adjust the presented content to the needs and interests of the users,
  • to ensure the security of services provided by Towarzystwo,
  • to present information concerning products and services offered by Towarzystwo which are adjusted to the needs and interests of users,
  • conduct measurements aimed at improving the products and services offered by Towarzystwo.

Which data do we collect?

Towarzystwo undertakes every effort possible to ensure that using Internet Information Service is convenient. We apply the technology involving anonymous cookies and download statistical data concerning the most searched phrases using search engines in order to increase the efficiency of the website. Consequently, the navigation as regards the website is updated and, as a result, the content search is convenient and intuitive.

  • Cookies

Cookies are small text files originating from a website noted by the website user's web browser. The information in cookies contains exclusively information concerning the user's activity while using Internet Information Service. Disabling cookies in the browser used by the user may result in certain obstacles or some of the website's functions may not operate.

Cookies technology is used exclusively to collect anonymous statistical data concerning the users, aimed at improving the convenience of using the Internet Information Service as well as reducing the nuisance connected to advertisements. Financial data or data identifying or identifying users of this website are not collected nor stored. The Internet Information Service uses cookies which are saved on the disk on the user's end device. The objective is to facilitate navigation and to adapt the website to the preferences of the user. Blocking the option of saving cookies on the terminal device or deleting cookies can take place after proper configuration of the browser settings. If the mobile device used by the user applies iOS system, it is necessary to enable cookies if one intends to use the full version of the Internet Information Service. Internet Information Service uses two types of anonymous cookies, to be used by the website exclusively.

The browser distinguishes the following types of cookies:

- session cookies, temporary – they are not saved on the disk, they are necessary to maintain the context of the user's session; in many situations they are used by various websites due to the specificity of HTTP protocol of websites they are transmitted to,

- permanent cookies - they are not deleted when one closes his or her browser and can be used by the website in the future, within this group one distinguishes:

- cookies within a particular domain (first party) - the website configures cookies only for its own needs,

- cookies within an external domain (third party) - the website places cookies so that they can be used in case of other websites. 

  • System logs

System logs, namely the register of the events - created in a chronological order to record information concerning events and activities connected to the website. They contain data such as the IP address from which the website was accessed, the address of this website and the connection time. Systems logs are used by Towarzystwo, in particular, for statistical purposes. What is more, the analysis of system logs enables adjusting the content of the website and presented marketing content corresponding to users' preferences.

  • Referring to other websites

Towarzystwo is not liable for the privacy protection rules applied by the owners of websites whose links are located on the information service website. Users should read the privacy information posted on partner websites. 

  • Floodlight

Some pages on the site use Floodlight technology. It is used to create aggregate statistics devoted to the use of the site. Floodlight constitutes an electronic “single pixel” (1x1) or transparent image. Floodlight can recognize some information located on users' computers, including cookie file number, time and date of browsing the page as well as a description of the site on which Floodlight is placed.

  • Advertising agencies and other entities dealing with website analytics.

While visiting the information service website, the user's computer stores cookies or Floodlight applied by online advertising agencies and other entities dealing with website analytics as well acting on behalf of Towarzystwo (under a contract with PKO Bank Polski). Consequently, during subsequent visits the system is able to recognized the user to present advertisements taking into account the preferences of this person, to collect statistics as part of the information service or to verify the user's reaction as regards a particular advertisement.

The list of advertising agencies as well as other entities dealing with website analytics cooperating with Towarzystwo is available on PKO Bank Polski website at

Changes concerning the privacy policy of Towarzystwo’s Internet Information Service.

Changes concerning the privacy policy of the Internet Information Service can result from the development of Internet technology, changes as regards the generally applicable legal provisions, including those concerning personal data protection as well as the development of Internet Information Services. We will inform about these changes on Towarzystwo's website (

Termination of Microsoft support as regards Windows XP - make sure you are secured using account on the Internet

According to information provided on the website belonging to Microsoft, Windows XP will continue to operate after ceasing to provide technical support on the 8th of April 2014. Nevertheless, computers may be more vulnerable to malicious software and cybercriminal attacks - read more. Despite the latest versions of antivirus and firewall software in case of computers equipped with Windows XP operating system there is significantly higher likelihood of the aforementioned attacks. These attacks can result in theft of access data (such as logins and passwords) in reference to transaction websites or for example, somebody can take over your computer.

Notice: Only constantly updated software and manufacturer's support as regards the operating system provides increased security. Therefore, Towarzystwo recommends the users of the Internet information service to make use operating systems which are equipped with full technical support provided by their producers. What is more, one should update system software if there are newer versions of Windows or to replace it with another system which can be systematically updated. More information can be found on the website of Microsoft, namely the manufacturer of Windows XP.


Enabling/removing/blocking cookies

The online information service run by Towarzystwo uses cookies in accordance with the browser settings established individually by the user and installed in the device he or she uses. In case of many browsers cookies are enabled by default. The user of the Internet Information Service is able to change the settings or disable cookies in his or her browser at any time. However, as a result the website may function improperly. Using the Internet Information Service with cookies enabled in your browser means that these files will be stored in the user's device memory. More information concerning cookies is available in the section titled “Help” in the user's web browser menu or on the following pages.

If after reading the information available on the Internet Information Services a user does not want cookies to be stored in the device's web browser, he or she should remove them from his or her browser after completing the visit to the Internet Information Service.


Administrator of data

The administrator of personal data is PKO Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych Spółka Akcyjna with its registered office in Warsaw, address: ul. Świętokrzyska 36, 00-116 Warsaw, registered in the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under KRS number 0000019384, NIP (Tax Identification Number): 526-17-88-449., REGON (Business Activity Number): 012635798, share capital (paid capital) PLN 18,000,000, helpline: 801 32 32 80, hereinafter referred to as “Towarzystwo”.

Data Protection Inspector

Towarzystwo appointed the Data Protection Inspector, address: Data Protection Supervisor, ul. Świętokrzyska 36, 00-116 Warsaw, e-mail Data regarding the Data Protection Inspector are available on Towarzystwo’s website in “GDPR” section (

Making customer’s data available

Towarzystwo does not make any data related to cookies available to any third parties.

Towarzystwo does not combine customer's personal data with third-party cookie files. Such data are not made available to external entities.

Detailed information regarding the processing of personal data by Towarzystwo is available on Towarzystwo's website, in “GDPR” section (