Protecting the privacy of users is very important to us. Below, we will explain what data we collect and what the rules are in regards of their processing and use. We limit the use and collection of user information to the minimum required to be able to provide services at the highest level.
This section provides information on: P3P, the tools used by us in order to improve the use of the site (cookies, system logs, rules for collecting e-mail addresses) and the data collected by external advertising agencies.We protect your private data. Before loading the PKO TFI SA site, the browser informs the user about the data collected through P3P.
Via the use of cookies, we only collect anonymous statistics about users to improve the use of the site and minimize annoying ads. We do not collect any data identifying the user as a person or client of PKO TFI SA.
Convenience above all

We make every effort to make the site easy to use. To improve the efficiency we use anonymous cookies and collect statistical data about the most commonly searched phrases. They are used to keep navigation up to date and searching for content convenient and intuitive.

What are cookies?

These are small text files downloaded from websites and stored by your web browser. Cookies can be temporary – kept until you close the browser, and with a specified expiry date – stored by your browser for longer.
Sending a cookie to the browser may in no way violate user’s privacy. The information contained in a cookie may be used only by the web site from which they were sent. Disabling cookies may cause inconvenience or inability to use certain features on the site.

System logs

They contain information such as; the IP address from which you came to a given webpage, its address and the duration of connection. Logs are used only for statistical purposes and are not used to identify individual users. They allow us to match the page content to users' interests. This information is not in any way linked with the personal data of customers of PKO TFI SA.
References to other websites
We are not responsible for the privacy policies of the owners of the sites linked through the PKO TFI SA website. We encourage users to read the contents of privacy statements placed on partner sites, especially if they collect personal data.


Some pages on the site use spotlight technology to create aggregate statistics about the use of the page. Spotlight is an electronic single-pixel (1x1) or transparent picture.
Spotlights can recognize some of the information on users' computers, such as a cookie number, time and date of browsing the site and description of the page on which the spotlight is placed.

External advertising agencies

When you browse a site on the Internet, and the site contains PKO TFI SA ads, our online advertising agency can send cookies or spotlight files to your computer. This enables it to recognize your computer next time you visit, or measure responses to the ad. These are of course only anonymous statistical data and are not linked to personally identifiable information or databases of customers of PKO TFI SA.
The advertising agency with which we cooperate uses the technological tools provided by Doubleclick Inc. Doubleclick Inc. holds its own privacy policy, and also uses protokół P3P.

Changes to the privacy policy of PKO TFI SA website

Changes in our privacy policy may be due to the development of Internet technology, possible changes to the law on personal data protection and the development of our website. Any changes will be announced on our website.

What is P3P?

The Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) is a new technology to protect privacy created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This technology enables the user to consciously decide what personal information can be collected by the website. PKO Bank Polski cares about the personal data of customers and that is why it introduced P3P to the PKO TFI SA website (
Browsers with support for P3P technology can automatically decide which cookies do not violate privacy preferences.
What cookies do we use?

At we use two anonymous cookies. Both are only for use by our website.
A browser with P3P support distinguishes between the following cookies:

  • session cookies, temporary – not saved to disk, needed to keep the context of the user session. they are often used by various websites, due to the nature of the HTTP protocol, which transmits websites.
  • permanent cookies, i.e. not deleted when you close your browser, they can be used again by the website. These include:
    • cookie within a given domain (first party) – website configures the cookie only for own needs,
    • cookie within an outer domain (third party) – website places the cookie so it can be used in other sites.

How to activate/delete/block cookies in the web browser?

Internet Explorer 9