If you want to know more about the offer of PKO TFI SA or to place an order by phone - please use our helpline

PKO TFI SA Helpline is available at 801 32 32 80 * or at landline number +48 22 358 56 56 (contact from abroad or from mobile phones).

These helpline numbers will help if you wish to place an order or for information ** i.a. on:

  • the current value of PKO TFI investment fund units,
  • the status of your registers (after providing the register number and the PIN numeric password)
  • product offer of PKO TFI SA, general principles concerning participation in PKO TFI Investment Funds.

On weekdays from 8:00 - 19:00 you are connected to the Customer Service Department employee, who receives from you order or provide any information about the funds, programs and investment portfolios of PKO TFI.

*charged as a local call impulse.
** placing orders by phone is available to participants with active telephone service