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Current quotations of units are updated on the web site immediately after the funds perform valuation of their assets.

The funds do not guarantee achievement of the assumed investment objective nor any specific investment performance. The possibility of loss of at least a part of funds paid in should be taken into account. A detailed description of risk factors may be found respectively in the information prospectus, in the prospectus, in the informational memorandum or in the terms of issue. These documents are available respectively on the website, on the premises of PKO TFI SA or on the premises of the distributors, a list of which can be obtained by calling the informational hotline at 0 801 32 32 80. Additionally, the annual and semi-annual financial statements of the funds are published on the website

The funds may invest over 35% of the value of assets of the fund/subfund in securities issued by the State Treasury, the National Bank of Poland, a local self-government institution, a member state of the European Union, a local self-government institution of a Member State, a Member State of the OECD or an international financial institution of which the Republic of Poland is a member or at least one member state.

Depending on the investment policy adopted by the investment fund, the funds may invest the majority of assets in other categories of investments than securities or money market instruments. Moreover, due to composition of the investment portfolio of the fund or due to the applied techniques of portfolio management, the investment funds’ net asset value may be characterised by high volatility.

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Before undertaking to purchase investment units, potential investors should acquaint themselves with the contents of the prospectus, including the statute, of the respective PKO TFI investment fund. Prospectuses of PKO TFI funds are available here as well as on the premises of the distributors.

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