PKO TFI acts as an intermediary in selling and repurchasing participation units of PKO TFI funds:

  • through the IAT FI System (on-line transaction website)
  • in the case of orders placed directly at the PKO TFI office

Before accepting an order, PKO TFI provides its clients with detailed information on PKO TFI and the service of placing orders for purchasing and selling participation units of PKO TFI Funds. Before accepting a purchase order, PKO TFI asks the client to provide information concerning his investment knowledge and experience in order to assess whether the relevant service or product is suitable for the client. This information relates, among others, to the following:

  • the specific nature of investing in participation units and the risk connected with investing in these financial instruments,
  • the nature, size and frequency of financial instruments transactions concluded by the client and the period in which they were concluded.

If, based on the information obtained from the client, PKO TFI decides that participation units or the service of placing orders as not suitable for the client, it informs the client about this fact.

We encourage clients who intend to invest in participation units of PKO TFI Funds through PKO TFI to present the above information before they place a purchase order.

PKO Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych follows the Code of Good Practice for Institutional Investors Taking into account the obligation to act with special consideration of the interests of investment fund participants and striving to use the highest ethical standards, PKO Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych has accepted and follows the Code of Good Practice for Institutional Investors (the Code). The Code has been accepted by entities connected with the Chamber of Fund and Asset Management and the Economic Chamber of Pension Fund Companies and specifies the rules of conduct for institutional investors, in particular:

  • for relations with issuers of financial instruments
  • in the case of non-standard transactions
  • for relations with clients