The rate of return on an investment for a portion of subfunds is based on a combination of the historical performance of units in subfunds separated under the PKO Umbrella - open-end investment fund (PKO Umbrella) and historical quotes of units in non-existing sub-funds separated under the PKO World Foreign Currency Fund –open-end investment fund (PKO WFC) according to the following scheme:

  • PKO U.S. Equity Subfund (PKO Umbrella) (from 25.09.2015) + PKO U.S. Equity Subfund (PKO WFC) (period from 15.11.2006 to 24.09.2015)
  • PKO Asia Pacific Equity Subfund (PKO Umbrella)(from 09.10.2015) + PKO Asia Pacific Equity Subfund (PKO WFC)(period from 03.11.2005 to 08.10.2015)
  • PKO Japanese Equity Subfund (PKO Umbrella) (from 02.10.2015) + PKO Japanese Equity Subfund (PKO WFC)(period from 15.11.2006 to
  • PKO Emerging Markets Equity Subfund (PKO Umbrella) (from 09.10.2015) + PKO Emerging Markets Equity Subfund (PKOWFC)(period from 30.07.2007 to 08.10.2015)
  • PKO USD Bond Subfund (PKO Umbrella) (from 02.10.2015) + PKO USD Bond Subfund (PKO WFC) (period from 30.07.2007 to 01.10.2015)
  • PKO Gold Market Equity Subfund (PKO Umbrella) (from 25.10.2015) + PKO Gold Subfund (PKO WFC)(period from 30.03.2012 to 24.10.2015*)

The newly created acquiring Subfunds are the "copies" of acquired Subfunds (non-existing), and they have identical risk profiles and the same statute records in terms of investment policies and the costs charged to the participant.

*for PKO Gold Subfund, the historical data cover only the period in which PKO Gold pursued investment policy consistent with the policy of Gold Market Equity Subfund.