PhD in Economics, Head of the Digital Services Department in PKO Bank Polski.

He joined PKO Bank Polski in May 2010 as the Head of Innovation. In that period, he was responsible for the revitalisation of the School Savings Fund - the oldest and the largest programme of financial education in Poland, and for the introduction of the first account for children under 13 in Poland, among others. He was responsible for the concept and the launch of the project of creating IKO mobile payments and mobile banking applications. From July 2014, as the Deputy Head of the Mobile and Internet Banking Centre, he was responsible for the project for developing services and sales in mobile channels and the development of e-Administration and e-Identity services. Since March 2018, as the Head of the Digital Services Department, he has been responsible for the sales and development of electronic channels for PKO Bank Polski.

He was the Assistant Professor in the Institute of Journalism at the University of Warsaw. Until May 2010, he was an analyst in SA, the initiator, co-founder and Vice-President of the Association of Financial Consulting Companies and the founder and longstanding editor-in-chief of the financial service and the Financial Review.

The winner of the Marian Krzak Journalist Award in 2007. The Journalist of the Year 2008 in the opinion of the Electronic Economy Congress at the Polish Bank Association. In 2016, in recognition of special merits in the structure and development of the banking sector, he received the Mikołaj Kopernik medal from the Polish Bank Association. The author of the book entitled “Public relations in virtual banks” and numerous scientific and journalistic articles. A speaker at many scientific and industry-specific conferences.