PKO Global Bond

PKO Global Bond is a fund of funds that is actively selecting the best funds available on the world market. It is selecting the best funds that invest in treasury and corporate bonds, as well as other high-yield bonds. Global funds which invest in these bonds provide investors with access to a wide range of debt instruments. Not only so in terms of geographic diversification, but also in exposure to a wide choice of government bonds, including issuers of corporate debt.

The sub-fund can invest in government bonds of developed countries, as well as in emerging markets. It can also invest in bonds issued by companies operating within different sectors with headquarters in United States, Western Europe and other selected emerging countries. The sub-fund is actively managed.

Investing involves risk. Please read KID  and the Fund's Prospectus before making an investment. The historical performance presented is not a guarantee for similar investment results in the future. The full content of the legal note.