About the Subfund

PKO Treasury Long Term Bond Subfund is actively managed and invests its assets in debt instruments, particularly in the Polish treasury bonds. Furthermore, the Subfund may also invest in debt securities of other OECD countries. Any investment of this type is preceded by a detailed evaluation of the macroeconomic environment of the issuer’s country. The remaining part of the fund's assets comprises mainly bank deposits and corporate bonds. The acquisition of corporate bonds is preceded by a multistage and detailed analysis of the company, and the micro- and macroeconomic environment in which the company operates. To hedge against exchange rate risk and/or interest rate risk, the manager has the possibility to use derivatives.


Investing involves risk. Please read KID  and the Fund's Prospectus before making an investment. The historical performance presented is not a guarantee for similar investment results in the future. The full content of the legal note.